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Plant A Seed

The South Broxtowe SBAP has employed the services of PAS Plant A Seed.   Plant A Seed offers a tailored approach to meeting the social, emotional and well-being needs of a family.  

PAS Social Workers, Education Psychologist, Social, Emotional and Behavioural Therapists will work with children and their families to challenge individual behaviours using bespoke interventions with the aim to improve attendance at school, support individuals social and emotional needs, provide behavioural support and safeguarding.  PAS offers a multi-systemic approach, mediation for parents and school, a 24hour service including support in the home for bedtime and morning routines.

The PAS team works to 'plant a seed' in the child’s and families thinking, by drip feeding small thoughts to change the thinking of the child, family and wider ecology.  The drip-feed to succeed brings about the change in cognitions which helps PASS the concerning behaviours - leading onto ‘Plant a seed- Drip feed to succeed’.

Click the image to access the PAS website and find out more.

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Who is it for

Children in school from

year one to year six

(6 years to 11 years)

How to refer

Referrals will be made directly to PAS by the SBAP team, with the agreement of the school and parents.

How many sessions

Support will be provided for as long as it is deemed necessary given the individual circumstances.

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