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Autism or ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) is a lifelong developmental disability which is present from birth although may not be immediately obvious. Autism can affect people in many different ways and not all people with Autism share the same difficulties, this is why it is called a spectrum. Currently there is no known cause for Autism, however, scientists believe that genetics play a large part.

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Autism affects the way the brain develops and interprets information and therefore causes a variety of difficulties for the person with Autism. Some of which are:


  • They may find it difficult to interpret verbal and non-verbal communication such as body language and facial expressions


  • They may have a very literal understanding of language and so may find it difficult to absorb things such as jokes and sarcasm


  • They may become overloaded with information and need to be left alone to process if in a situation with lots of other people


  • They may find it difficult to form friendships and relationships due to some of the above points


  • They may have difficulty processing sensory input such as noises, textures and taste

Although a person with Autism may face difficulties in everyday life,  their unique way of viewing the world can create positive experiences. Some people on the spectrum are brilliant at seeing details that others may overlook, some can create amazing paintings others can see the patterns in maths etc. With the right support and strategies in place both at home and school, a child with Autism can develop their social skills and thrive.

Recommended Resources

Click on the logo to access the website or resource

Autism East Midlands

A leading autism charity providing help and support to families and individuals affected by autism; to help ensure autistic people can live their lives with dignity, choice and independence.  They also run Parent Workshops, click here for the latest dates for 2023-4.

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National Autistic Society

The UK's largest provider of specialist autism services. 

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The Curly Hair Project

A social enterprise that supports people on the autistic spectrum and the people around them, founded by autistic author Alis Rowe. Uses animated films, comic strips, and diagrams to make their work interesting and easy to understand.


The Autism Education Trust

Lots of information and resources available as well as training materials and courses. Making Sense of Autism (for Schools) delegate pack. 

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Autism Support

Click here for a document about a Parenting Course and Workshop available to those with and without a diagnosis. There are also drop-in groups available. Click here for Nottingham Central and here for Nottingham North.


All available from on-line retailers.

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