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“Amy, your support has been a great help. I have learned a lot and will always remember the points you shared. My child’s behaviour has generally improved, especially at school a) since they got their ADHD diagnosis and b) started taking Equasym XL on school days. They continue to reflect on episodes of bad behaviour and to try hard to control their "gremlins" (mean, annoying, anger). Lockdown restrictions are still affecting my child who sometimes struggles to see an end in sight (but that applies to many of us) and to miss special people (e.g. grandparents)”.

“Through the support given by Amy it has guided me and helped me to see how to support my child and I feel more confident in myself to deal with their behaviour. The support that Amy has provided has made us both very happy. Amy's support has been so valuable and I appreciated all the support and help she has given me.”

“Amy, I will always be grateful for what you did for me and my family, thank you”. 

“Having Amy's support has been invaluable to our family. Having first hand experience with her own children, I felt she completely understood the challenges that our family faced. I felt heard and understood. She supported us not only through our meetings, but also with relevant documents to help us understand what our child was going through, and how better to support him. I already had many strategies in place that were working at home, but didn't work at school. Amy told me it was because I was providing the support, but wasn't at school, so my child  was unable to support himself and was a bit lost without me there. She helped me by suggesting I give my child their own coping strategies so they could use them when away from me. And talk to them about understanding their own feelings, so they could recognise when they were getting "high". She gave me confidence in my ability to overcome any situation and to have faith in myself. I can't thank Amy enough for her support throughout what has been a very difficult time for my child at school, and he is finally settling down without many big instances, and is continuously self regulating both at home and at school.”

"Thank you so much for providing this course. I looked forward to attending each week, receiving your helpful tips, advice and information and meeting other parents in the same situation. The course felt supportive of both parent and child, not judging either of us for the challenges that we face. After each half hour session, I felt more confident, relaxed and ready to face the parenting challenge. You were a very attentive and informed course practitioner. "