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A lot of parents may have concerns about their child’s toileting habits. Some children may experience problems with bedwetting, soiling, or constipation. All of which is perfectly normal. 


Each child will learn toileting at their own pace and it is essential for parents to support them with a good routine and calm environment. 


Sometimes a child may have additional needs, such as Autism, ADHD, or another learning disability which means that they take longer to develop these skills and may require different support strategies.

There is lots of support available to families to help them with their concerns.

Recommended Resources

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This website provides information and support on bedwetting and other toileting concerns. They also have a variety of resources and books that can offer guidance. 

Healthy Families Team

There to support and guide parents who have concerns about their child’s behaviour.



The NHS website has useful information regarding soiling (child pooing their pants).


Going to the toilet

This social story provides visual instructions for how to go to the toilet.  Click the picture for a downloadable pdf.

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