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What do we do?


The purpose of the SBAP is to work collaboratively to meet the needs of pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs, to prevent them from being excluded or missing education.


Schools can refer children to the SBAP for discussion in an open but confidential forum.  The SBAP team, Head Teachers and SENCo’s meet regularly to discuss cases where there are concerns about behaviours, progress or SEND, and share ideas and good practise for resolving concerns.  


In appropriate cases the SBAP team may be able to offer support directly to the school, play therapy or emotional literacy coaching to the child, or parenting support to the family.  In other cases schools are signposted to more appropriate services for their needs.


The SBAP facilitates the dissemination of resources and information to help schools and parents with regard to managing many issues, situations, concerns and conditions which might impact the social, emotional and mental health of children.

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